About Us

DRSM was born in a barn, literally!  Nearly 20 years ago Greg & Katy incorporated Dudeck Roofing & Sheet Metal in May of 1995 in the state of Indiana.  Working diligently while giving customers a high quality and durable roof enabled them to quickly gain clients and build a reputation as a company that gets job done right the first time.  Seeing the workload increase substantially each year, Greg & Katy decided the barn could no longer meet the company needs and moved DRSM to its current location in August of 1999.   Knowing that customer satisfaction is the meal ticket for every small business, Greg & Katy wanted their additional management staff to be customer focused as well as qualified to get the work done right.  The hiring of Floyd Poor, Stan Peak, and Ed Barnes validated this strategy.  We also stock certain specialty materials for key clients to make sure we can perform repairs quickly.  Quality work, timely responses, and knowledgeable & straight forward personnel ensure previous clients remain potential future clients.

Accumulating numerous tools & equipment over the years, DRSM has the capability to fabricate nearly every sheet metal product you can imagine.  Whether that’s mass production and installation for a commercial job or simply helping a walk-in customer complete their unique DIY project, we’ve got the tools and resources to get your job done right the first time.  A few artists have even stopped in when in need of fabricated copper objects!  See Services & Media pages for more information or contact us to see if we can meet your fabrication needs!